Iona: Coded Will

'Iona: Coded Will' is a fast-paced first person parkour game where you play as a Iona, a female cyborg who gained consciousness and who is trying to escape the factory where she was built.

Future World

'Future Wold' is a 2D platformer game created at the Euskal Encounter 21 by ten DigiPen students in a 4-day Game Jam.


'Twisted' is a 2D platformer videogame created by 6 sophomore students at DigiPen during the 2012-13 course. For more information visit TwistedTheGame.com or Twisted on Facebook.

"Beneath the Surface" Font

"Beneath the Surface" is a font that accurately emulates the one used in the TV show "SeaQuest DSV/2032".

"Beneath the Surface Dingbats" Font

"Beneath the Surface Dingbats" is based upon the logos seen in the NBC TV show "SeaQuest DSV/2032".