FPS Weapon Set: Assault Rifle, High-Poly (WIP)

General / 04 November 2019

I'm finally making some progress with the weapon set. I just finished the high-poly of the assault rifle and I will soon start making the low-poly model.

FPS Weapon Set: RPG-7 (Low-poly + bakes)

General / 22 July 2018

After much pain and suffering I finally finished the low-poly, UVs and bakes. Next week I'll try to make some time to start texturing it. Here's my progress so far:

FPS Weapon Set: RPG-7 (High-poly)

General / 30 June 2018

No weapon set would be complete without a rocket launcher, so as the final piece for my set I went with the classic RPG-7. The particular variant I chose is the american manufactured PSRL by AirTronic. I've made good progress on the high-poly, it just needs a few details here and there and an optical sight.

FPS Weapon Set: Desert Eagle Mark XIX L6 (Textures WIP)

General / 08 May 2018

As I promised in the first post, here is my progress on the Desert Eagle so far. It has taken me longer than expected because I've been working simultaneusly on an unrelated side project. Anyway, I'm currently about to finish the 2nd pass on the textures and close to starting the polishing stage.

Take care! :)

FPS Weapon Set: Cadex CDX-50 Tremor

General / 25 April 2018

No weapon set would be complete without a sniper rifle. Here's the Cadex Tremor, one of the coolest sniper rifles out there:

FPS Weapon Set: FN Minimi Mk3

General / 18 April 2018

Next up on the weapon set is the FN Minimi Mk3 light machine gun. This beast was great fun to model due to it's complexity and high level of detail. Here are some screenshots of the high-poly model:

  And finally a couple of pics of the low-poly model:

FPS Weapon Set: Kriss Vector Gen 2 (Textures)

General / 12 April 2018

Here are a few renders done in Marmoset Toolbag 3 of the nearly finished textures of the Vector SMG. This particular gun was quite easy to model. Its almost completely flat surface however made the texturing/shading process quite challenging, since all the detail a visual interest that was lacking on the 3D object had to be implemented via the albedo, roughness and metalness maps. There are still a few areas that need some tweaking but overall I'm quite happy with how this bad boy is shaping up.

Here I added a cylinder with emission and transparency maps to see how the effect worked. The tiling is quite obvious but other than that, it gives a nice touch.


FPS Weapon Set: Kriss Vector Gen 2 (Low-Poly + Bakes)

General / 07 April 2018

One thing I forgot to mention in the last post, and in case it wasn't obvious by the screenshots, is that I have included a couple of attachmants with the vector model: a reflex-sight and a flashlight/laser thingy.

I will also like to take this opportunity to show the low-poly model:

And here are some screenshots of the low-poly model with the normal/ao maps baked within Substance Painter:

I hope you like them! :)

FPS Weapon Set: Kriss Vector Gen 2 (WIP)

General / 05 April 2018

In the previous entry I showed my progress on the pistol. I thought this time around I might share the submachine gun that is going to be part of the set. I went with the Kriss Vector because of its cool design and futuristic look. Here's the high-poly model:

FPS Weapon Set: Desert Eagle Mark XIX L6 (WIP)

General / 03 April 2018
Since I haven't updated my portfolio in a while I thought this new blogging feature might be a nice way of showcasing the stuff I'm working on, before it goes to my main gallery.

For the past year or so I've been diving into the world of game-res firearms. Specifically I'm building a whole weapon set for an FPS game which will hopefully make it's way to the Unity Asset Store, Unreal Marketplace, etc. Most of them are already complete or close to completion, so I decided to kickstart this blog by presenting the latest one, the Desert Eagle pistol. I have also made a couple of attachments for it: a reflex sight and a flashlight/laser thingy.

Here are a few screenshots of the high-res model:

I will post follow-ups to this gun as well as some pics of the other weapons from the set. Stay tunned!