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Station 33 #3

'Station 33' is a 3D animated short film that I am currently developing as my junior project at DigiPen. It is going to be about 5 minutes long and takes place in a retro sci-fi setting, inspired by games such as 'Fallout'.

"It is another day in Station 33. What was once a state of the art facility is now filled with dirt and dust, it's walls covered with rust and old newspaper cutouts.
Workman 304 is sitting at his workstation sleeping carelessly instead of attending his maintenance tasks. Everything is calm until suddenly, an error message appears in one of the computer screens. 304 pushes a button and the message goes away. Not long after, two more error messages pop-up.
As 304 pushes buttons as fast as he can, more and more error signals keep appearing one after another. The station alarm sounds while steam jets and sparkles show up all over the room. 304 panics for a moment. After a few seconds he hurries to try and fix all the failures. He closes valves, tightens screws... Slowly the error messages start disappearing until there is none left. 304, exhausted, lays on the floor. The nightmare is over.
The next day, 304 is once more sleeping at his chair. Everything seems to be back to normal until a familiar error message appears in a screens..."